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Location: New Orleans, Louisiana, United States

I was given the gift of spiritual psychic from God and use it as He intends me to.

Friday, March 11, 2005

Information about the veil or caul.

There is little written about being born with a veil, sometimes named a "caul". I hope this introduction will help all of those who were born with a veil understand what a great gift God has given them and to those just curious, that they get some useful information too.

First, let me say to those skeptics who do not believe in anything paranormal...this is not the blog for you. This is not an old wives tale nor just a superstition, it is a fact, and more and more people are coming forward with information regarding their experiences having been born with the veil.

DEFINITION: this is a layer of skin that surrounds a baby at birth. It is NOT the placenta, this is an extra layer of skin that the doctor has to snip off after birth. Sometimes it is covering just the face, thus the word veil. Sometimes it covers the whole body. Veils have been documented as either pale in color or dark in color. Of course the pale veil is said to bring much luck and the darker one, well...not such a good thing. Many hundreds of years ago a baby born with a veil was said to have special gifts of the paranormal type. As a psychic, seeing into the future, good luck, etc. It is said, and I believe, that a child born with a veil will never die from drowning. Veils were sought after especially by seamen, as the bearer of a veil would go through the seas unharmed. Families are usually blessed with more than one generation of veil babies. I have talked to many people who are second, third and sometimes fourth generation veil people.

MY STORY: I was born during World War II, delivered by a little ole jewish doctor. I was born with a full veil. A layer of skin surrounding my entire body. It was pale in color. The doctor saved my veil in a small jar, scratched my name and date on the top and I have it today. My mother was born with a veil also. I was told at an early age about my being born with the veil and had no clue what that meant. Just that I was special. There were no books to learn about this and my mother did not tell me much. Back in her day, being born with a veil or having any psychic abilities was a very secret thing. People like that were literally hung in the town square, so my mother didn't talk about it much. Now, with paranormal information everywhere, it is safe to discuss it and embrace it. My first accounting of my special gift was when I was around ten years of age. I could see words or hear words before a person opened their mouths. I wasn't guessing what someone would say, I knew what they were going to say. I was very intuitive at that age. Being so young I remember thinking that it was weird, but that probably everyone did that! I often saw places in my head and had no idea where I was, only to visit that same place years later. As I grew older my mother's gifts started to surface to me. And after she died at the age of 90, I felt that some chain of command had been given to me. Before she died I witnessed a miracle I will never forget. I will write about all paranormal things and miracles on a separate post.

My mother's brother was a captain in the navy during World War,II, which is when I was born. She gave my veil to him while he was on duty in Japanese waters. I don't know if she told him about the luck that came with it or not. When my uncle was much older, I was around 30, I visited him and asked him about the little jar with my veil. He got up and went to his old navy box and pulled it out, handing it to me. He said that it sure brought him the best luck anyone could have. When I got home, I gave it back to my mother...she kept it until the day she died and cherished it. Now I have my little jar and that's why I said I felt like I was handed down all of the traditions and beliefs that go along with being born with a veil.